Tap each page with the stylus to play exciting activities, games, puzzles, music and more!


comprehension skills with interactive animations

Safe & tough design

30 levelled activities in each activity book

The all-in-one interactive 

learning system for active minds

Experience the magic of the LeapStart 3D interactive learning system with 3D-like animations. The available library of 15+ interactive books help keep kids engaged in learning school and life skills in an exciting new way! (Books sold separately)

30+ skills to learn at each level, from preschool to primary school!

Teaches early fundamentals including ABC's, as well as shapes, colours and creativity.

Complements school skills including reading and maths with other life skills like logic and reasoning.

Teaches early skills including phonics, writing, counting and more.

Introduces early fundamentals like ABCs and vowels then progresses to more advanced concepts like phonics, writing, and critical thinking.

Collect them all today!

Available From:

+ Good toy stores and online retailers

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