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Welcome to the world of GLO-UP - where a little #GLO-tivation is all you need to achieve your goals! With GLO-UP GIRLS, you can express yourself through self-care, spa play, manicures and makeup, and discover surprise fashions, accessories, and magical transformations! Makeover your GLO-UP GIRLS doll from pyjamas to the runway - while pampering yourself along the way. And just like every real girl, each GLO-UP GIRLS doll has a unique personality and style, and awesome aspirations. So what are you waiting for? Let’s #GLO!


In a world where you can be anything you want, these 6 girls are here to help you explore exactly that.

Are you ready to Glo-Up?

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Rose is the eternal optimist and sees things through...well yes, rose colored glasses! She cares deeply about the earth and all living things. She chooses her

words wisely and has impact when she speaks.


Erin is clever, street-smart, strong-willed and independent. She’s always chatting with friends and the first one to the party. Oh - and she loves pulling pranks on her friends!


Kenzie is charming, funny and

unfiltered - the first one to say what everyone’s thinking! Music is her favourite way to express her GLO...well, that and a pair of glam designer boots!


Sadie is a giver - warm-hearted and empathetic. She feels called to create social harmony. She is good at seeing the best in people - the GLO in everyone! Oh and she loves fancy fashions!


Alex is tech-savvy, sporty, and likes to move fast! Her athleisure fashions are always accented with cool new gadgets. She’s confident and committed to her goals - and helping her friends achieve theirs!


Tiffany is a loyal friend. Though shy at first, she will become a fast #BFF and fly to the moon and back for you! Plus - she has a knack for matchmaking :)


Your favourite Glo-Up Girl is now available at

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