Welcome! If you are visiting this page, it means you may be having problems solving those 55 Disney movies. Don't feel bad, we've thrown a few pretty tough finds in our picture but to help you out, we have some clues below which may assist. Let's see if this helps.



1. It's an animal world
2. Don't get caught up!
3. It's freezing
4. Get dancing
5. It's a bird...or is it?
6. That's huge!
7. That's no Tiger
8. They're wonderful things
9. Woof!
10. We're here to help
11. That's no Sherlock!
12. Not a dream
13. They're bobbing along
14. He's out of this world
15. Is it the end of the world?
16. That's toxic!
17. There's thousands of moving parts!
18. I'm Alive!
19. A loving meal
20. I star with Al Pacino
21. It's a new source of energy
22. 2018
23. I'm not hot
24. A reboot is on the way
25. He's not bad!
26. Give me a kiss
27. I have a mole
28. This is going to take some lifting.
29. What a load of junk
30. Here we are in Mexico
31. Throw me a bone
32. Don't break it!
33. How super
34. It's wild out west
35. Super speedy
36. Life in the forest
37. An intergalactic adventure
38. That's evil
39. Don't bite
40. If it fits
41. To the skies
42. Don't scream
43. Magical
44. Rev it up
45. Is it a game?
46. Down the hole
47. come on sherrif
48. Meow
49. Under the big top
50. In the garden
51. Grab a spoon
52. Don't lie
53. Make a wish
54. I'm human
55. Don't let the last petal fall