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Prepare for the ultimate battle with the Dart Tech Fusion! This action-packed blaster set is fully customisable - build it your way with over 1000 combinations possible! With motorized blasting, the Fusion features a dual trigger system. adjustable zoom scope, adjustable shoulder harness, vented barrel extension, blaster extender,

blaster handle, blaster stand and more! The Dart Tech Fusion comes with 24 aerodynamic APEX darts, designed for precision blasting. Also includes 2x dart cartridges with a quick release cartridge system.

Upgrade your blaster game with the Dart Tech Equaliser! This fully motorised blaster has a 20 dart rotating barrel to overpower your targets. Featuring a dual trigger system, rapid fire up to 20 times before stopping to reload! This performance blaster comes with 25 x aerodynamic APEX darts – designed to be the ultimate in precision blasting.

Get ready for the ultimate in blaster battles with Dart Tech! 


Fire easily and accurately with the Dart Tech Neo Blast! This

fully motorised blaster comes with a detachable scope and

dual trigger system, allowing pin point accuracy and performance!

Spend more time blasting and less time reloading thanks to

the quick release cartridge system and the 2x included dart

cartridges and belt holster. The Dart Tech Neo Blast comes with 24x aerodynamically designed APEX Darts - designed to be the

ultimate in precision blasting.


Prepare for battle with the Dart Tech Goggles & Darts Pack! Includes goggles and 150 darts!

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