The Collins Key Ultimate Unboxing Game is an epic pack where fans can play the ultimate blind box challenge. Race the clock to find Collins Key and activate the YEET! pop-up. But if you run out of time you'll end up covered in fake maggots. EEW, GROSS!

The Collins Key Fake Food Challenge Wheel is an epic pack of Key Compounds and rad-additives for the #Keyper Squad fans to create all sorts of colorful fake food creations. Spin the wheel and discover what fake food you have to make from your 3 ingredients! Follow the directions on your food card for extra fun challenges! Will your creation be the Messiest, Realest, Grossest, Prettiest, Most Colorful or Most Artistic?

With 23 characters to find and collect, can you guess what's inside? Each mystery box contains one key compound, one figure and one tool.


No edible content. Do not eat.

Challenge your friends in a Deluxe Fake Food Challenge with the Collins Key Double Fake Food Showdown! With two unique food challenges to create in one package. Challenge your friends at who can do it better! In every Fake Food Challenge Showdown you get 2 serving platters and 2 dishes, 2-3 toy tools and 4-6 Key Compounds to create your fake foods!

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