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Dear Teachers

Following two years of severely disrupted school and home life, we know that the well being and mental health of our children is more important than ever.

That's why we're excited to share a partnership between Smiggle and bullying-prevention charity, Dolly's Dream. Smiggle and Dolly's Dream are passionate about helping Australian kids 'choose kindness' and want all children to feel safe and confident when they return back to school in 2022! 

So, they're banding together to provide a fun and informative anti-bullying classroom pack that you can register and receive for free!

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Each Classroom pack includes:

  • Dolly's Dream tips and information on handling bullying behaviour and how to have supportive conversations with your students. 

  • 30 pack of Smiggle Scented Gel Pens.

  • 30 Kindness Pledges.

  • 30 Kindness Award certificates for each student to receive once they have taken their kindness pledge. 


Register and complete your details below to be sent your free pack. Packs are limited to the first 500 classes that register, but everyone that applies will be emailed a printable PDF of activities so that you and your students can still participate. You can register up to 5 classes per school. Registration closes January 4 2022. 


Every class that participates can enter a competition to win a year's worth of Smiggle goodies! More information will be included in your classroom pack!