From a magical land,

Where the BFF's radiate light

With a sprinkling of fairy dust

Creating a world that's cheerfully bright

All the very best friends

Whether near or far

They set out on adventures

Regaining magic in their fairy jar

In the whimsical forest

These fairy friends call home

Where they grow and blossom as one

And never alone

Introducing the new, magical BFF Bright Fairy Friends! Each fairy comes housed in its very own fairy home with bright, motion activated twinkle lights. You can also use your fairy home as a night light!

Press your Fairy Doll’s necklace to make her wings glow with radiating multi-colored lights!

Unbox your new BFF to unveil which magical fairy doll you get along with 4 surprise fairy accessories.

Collect all 12 BFF fairy dolls from Series 1 and enjoy swapping out their fashions!

JK Journo's Chantelle & Issy shared their reviews:

I received a cute purple box in the mail and I opened & looked inside and there were 2 Bright Fairy Friends containers. Out of the blue, on one packet it had lights that were flashing and I was so excited to open them both up. You take out the fairy doll and then you open the 4 blind bags. What I liked the most was when you press the necklace their wings magically glow. I love their light up fairy home that they come in & they twinkle away. The best features are the wings & beautiful hair  and of course  their jar home. I also like that they have a stand to display them or use it to play with. I think 3+ is a great age to play with and also older kids who can role play and accesoires and play more with their hair and do styles, mini braids, plaits. So it's really great they come with a hair brush and i love the BFF yellow broken heart hair clip that I got.


Bright Fairy Friends - BFFs - are the best! You can get a lot of different fairies who are each unique, with glowing wings and flowing hair that you can style. They live in a beautiful jar that you can use as a exotic night light as it can flash and glow as bright as the moon. Each BFF comes with four epic surprise accessories. What I love about BFFs is that each fairy has a unique personality and you can have so much fun with them








Meet the Bright Fairy Friends!

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